Let us help you promote and recognize significant events in the lives
of the people around you by personalizing the perfect award or gift!

Recognition through awards is the BEST way to encourage positive

performance and show people you appreciate what they do.

Whether you need a plaque for a retiring coworker, a frame for
the graduate in your life, or awards for your sales team, we
have the tools and know-how to make your presentation POP!

It is our pleasure at Eternity Creations to provide the awards you need to promote and recognize significant achievements. Recognition goes a long way in not only telling people you appreciate them but in encouraging positive productive performance. Whether you need a single plaque for a retiring coworker or trophies for your soccer league, we have just the award you’re looking for.

9" x 13" Aluminum Cake Pan Scottish Rite Patent Frame Square-head gavel & block
Scottish Rite Patent Frame
Our Price: $159.95

Square-head gavel & block
Our Price: $70.00
Wave Top Crystal, Green Banner 32oz Polar Camel Water Bottles Blue Curved Glass Peak
Blue Curved Glass Peak
Our Price: $95.00